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The formation of the Clean Energy Partnership was one of the key recommendations of the Washington Clean Energy Leadership Council. The Council submitted its recommendations and final report to the Governor and the Legislature on Jan. 19, 2011.  Included were the following:

Clean Energy Partnership

The Pacific Northwest enjoys significant assets in the clean energy sector – a wealth of expertise, a radiant entrepreneurial spirit, a culture of environmental stewardship, and well developed public and private sector research capabilities.

The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) is leveraging these strengths to make our region a world-class hub of clean energy ideas and development, a leader in the creation of green jobs, and a home for high-growth clean technology companies.

The CEP does this through:

  • Major initiatives and programs designed to assist Northwest clean energy companies in deploying their products to global markets
  • A model that leverages public dollars with private investments and produces measurable returns. The CEP is pursuing seed funding through i6 Green, a national grant competition that focuses on the nexus between economic development and environmental quality.
  • Providing annual analysis and reports on policy alignment; working to eliminate regulatory barriers that limit clean energy development.
  • Unity and collaboration between key stakeholders.

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This highly leveraged and collaborative initiative will enable the Pacific Northwest to take a leadership role in the development of clean energy solutions.

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Clean Energy Partnership

Innovate Washington will implement the recommendations of the Clean Energy Leadership Council as part of a focused, sector-based strategy.

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